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Wessed Up History Week in Review: Dec. 5, 2009

I try to post some kind of silly revisionist history thing on Facebook and Twitter every day. Here are the ones that appeared during the past week:

* Nov. 29, 1910: Patent issued for traffic light system. Questions raised about practicality and clarity of gray/white/gray motif.

* Nov. 30, 1937: Director Ridley Scott bursts from his mother’s womb in the dining hall of a deep space mining ship.

* Dec. 1, 1955: Rosa Parks decides against rollerblading to work. Takes bus. Dennis Hopper insists she keep speed above 55. She refuses.

* Dec. 2, 1863: Baby Charles Ringling fired from cannon, cuts umbilical via sword swallower, and does triple somersault, lands on lion snout.

* Dec. 3, 1901: Teddy Roosevelt, first winner of National Speech Writing Month, delivers 20,000-word address to Congress.

* Dec. 4, 1931: Game show host Wink Martindale is born. First words: “Tell Mom what she’s won!”

* Dec. 5, 1848: Pres. James K. Polk tells Congress there’s gold in California. “Behind the hippies, under the hills of cocaine.”

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