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Twitter Topic: #turkeydayflicks

Here are my contributions to the #turkeydayflicks ideas that were bouncing around on Twitter recently.

* A Butterball Named Desire
* Hell Bent for White Meat
* A Fistful of Stuffing
* The Bird, the Yams, and the Gravy
* Once Upon a Time in the Oven
* Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
* Cranberry Hill
* Agobbleypse Now
* Children of the Cornucopia
* No Country for Old Meat
* Out of Apricots
* Mad Max Beyond Turkeydome
* Desperately Seasoning Susan
* Peggy Sue Got Botchulism
* Little Shop of Gobblers
* Feathered Attraction
* Adventures in Turkeymunching
* Can’t Bok Me Love
* Who Glazed Roger Rabbit?
* Clucker: The Bird and His Dream

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