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Twitter Topic: #madeupsexacts

Here are my contributions to the #madeupsexacts ideas that were bouncing around on Twitter recently. (Some of them were inspired by World of Warcraft – so, unless you play WoW, you may be left wondering what the heck I’m babbling about. That’s fine.):

* Taking a Knee

* Wide Right

* Breaking the Huddle

* Doodling the Telestrator

* Fourth and Inches

* Illegal Formation

* Challenging the Ref

* Searching for Matt Lauer

* Inflatable Snoopy

* Spiking the Ball

* Waving at Spongebob

(And here’s where the WoW stuff starts!)

* Rolling for Epics

* Grinding Rep

* Fishing in Orgrimmar

* Punting the Gnome

* The Flying Mount

* Sheeping the Rogue

* Skinning the Naga

* Soloing Ragefire Chasm

* Slapping the Kobold

* Riding the Kodo

* Swarm in the Hatchery

* Farming the Dungeon

* Rubbing the Hearthstone

* Bubbling the Paladin

* Tanking the Boss

* One Night in Goldshire

* Looting the Mob

* Rooting the Runner

* Kicking the Dwarf

* Party Wipe

* Culling Stratholme

* One-shotting a Lowbie

* Blue Walling

* Raiding Stormwind

* Petting the Murloc

* Hiding the Helm

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