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The Goods: An old car with new paint

Finally saw The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard last night. It’s got some funny moments, but overall it’s an uneven movie that tries a little TOO hard.

Jeremy Piven’s the best thing going for the movie, although Will Ferrell’s cameo as a doomed pal whose parachute is actually packed with sex toys is probably the funniest sequence.

Other than that, it all felt a little too familiar – because it feels exactly like this movie is a rehash of Used Cars from the 1980s. It was the hero car salesman hooking up with the whiskey-voiced blond that brought it all together for me.

So what’s next for Jeremy Piven?

I’m guessing it’ll be a post-apocalyptic movie about a prison convict sent into the ruins of Atlantic City to rescue the Secretary of State, played by Donald Sutherland.

Or maybe he’ll be a trucker who runs into trouble in Quaker country.

Perhaps he can scoop a rich amnesiac YouTube porn star from the harbor after she tumbles off a yacht during a shoot.

The possibilities are endless as long as Kurt Russell keeps making movies to ape!

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